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The Beekeeper

Looking for a few beehives to place on your property for free? If you want bees on your property give us a call to see if we have any beehives available or to be first on our list.

Want to learn about beekeeping, or join a Beekeepers Association?

Stop by the California State Beekeepers Association for events, news, Affiliate clubs, and more. For information in San Diego or to join the San Diego Beekeepers Association contact John at (619) 251-1943 or send an email to

To join the Los Angeles county beekeeping association call or email William Lewis at 818-897-4920 or

If you are a new beekeeper in southern California, visit beginners bee guide to get started on your way to beekeeping. Also, take advantage of our bee related links below to find information on beekeeping as a hobby or profession. Also find useful links to equipment, supplies, and colleges with courses on entomology.

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